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Thursday, 1 May 2014

Military Satellites Vulnerable to Hacking

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Researchers warned that many of the satellites manufactured by some of the biggest government contractors are vulnerable to several exploits from which the satellite can be exploit and hacked to disrupt military operations.

It has uncovered that there are many vulnerabilities in software and ground-based satellites manufactured by British companies Cobham and Inmarsat says security consultancy.

The U.S based computer emergency response team warned about the vulnerabilities in January.

Many of the issues were in Broadband Global Area Network. BGAN is designed to provide internet and voice connectivity for remote teams. The affected Haris BGAN satellites terminals are also by military , including NATO for tactical radio communications.

The Cobham Aviator machines could be compromised to alter satellite communications, such as the Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System (Acars), used by a plane.

ACARS is used to transmit vital informations such as fuel levels , it was usually used to track the movements of MH370 flight soon it disappeared. 

The manufacturers were warned about the vulnerabilities in which some of the vulnerabilities are claimed to be exploited with little technical ability , these flaws are present in the products from atleast two years.

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