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Sunday, 30 March 2014

Facebook will launch drones and satellites

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Facebook plans to launch a fleet of drones to out-compete the technology giant Google. In the fast growing world of IT, survival of companies depends upon the number of followers and customers. 
In a bid to increase Facebook users, the CEO Mark Zuker berg has announced in a blog post that the company has planned to launch drones which will provide the remote areas, especially of third world countries, with hassle free internet access. 
Apparently this has been decided to out-compete Google which had launched internet balloons last year in Switzerland. Last year, Facebook and other technology companies had launched to provide internet to unprivileged masses.
 Facebook is perusing its goal of connecting over 1.2 billion people to facebook before the end of the decade. Facebook has been already working hard with multiple stakeholders around the world to increase its users. Last year Facebook had teamed up with Philippines and Paraguay to increase its users in that region. 

Yet Zuckerberg believe that increasing Facebook users will also require state of Art technology. This technology includes Drones, geosynchronous satellites and infra-laser beams to provide easy and censor-free internet access to people.
 In this regard, Facebook had hired the services of experts including a five-member team that worked at British firm Ascenta, whose founders developed the Zephyr, which holds the record for the longest-flying solar- powered unmanned aircraft. Also to bring the project to fruition, Facebook has set up a Connectivity Lab that will include experts in aerospace and communication technology, from Nasa's jet propulsion lab and its Ames research center.

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